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After waiting until the evening to send a message, I'd log in only to find their profile was gone. This happened to me about 3 straight times with the same person! And what's highly suspicious is that my subscription also happened to expire at the same time. I was frustrated and upset. One has to wonder if this is not an actual person playing games, but a sophisticated marketing scam to get people to "find" that lost person and extend their subscription.

I think I've had about enough pain and suffering with online dating altogether! True love is worth waiting for, perhaps in person. Joined this app because I liked the concept of being able to choose who to communicate with for the purposes of dating. I find from my experience on the app lots of fake profiles and men who are not actually on the app to date or even get to know a woman for the purposes of dating or relationships. It is more like men asking me what I am doing tonight in bed and why I am not netflixing and chilling with them which as a woman who is almost 30 is a complete joke to me.

Men have also been quite insulting to me on this app and they have no idea what they want and I think most of them use this app to hookup. I have no time or games to be spent on here. I am a young educated professional and I am trying to meet other people who are the same. I am a busy professional and hope to meet other professionals for casual dating and maybe potential relationships. Bumble puts a bunch of people in your "matches" who appear to be from your area but if you swipe right and go back in to message them, they are from hundreds of miles away--if they exist at all.

Bumble Review

I had a free 14 day trial of Bumble Boost. I was going to cancel the subscription. The day the trial ended a popup on the app said that my trial had ended and asked if I would like to purchase Bumble Boost. I chose not to purchase Bumble Boost and it seemed like I didn't have Boost anymore because I couldn't see the Beeline.

I thought the app automatically cancelled my subscription because I chose not to purchase Boost. The next day, I still don't have Boost and all is well. I felt so scammed, this company doesn't care about creating relationships. The only relationship they want to create is one between your bank account and them. I contact Bumble, tell them how their app made it seem like I was no longer receiving the service only to be charged They deny a refund.

I've only had one match that messaged me, I messaged back. Received no reply and was unmatched. It seems like you have to pay extra to unlock the feature where people actually talk to you.

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This is not a Bumble success story. First of all, these jerks banned me for no reason whatsoever. I read their guidelines, which are very short and concise. I never offended any user hardly spoke to anyone , and my photos were legit and were the same ones the entire time. The other guidelines are routine like any other app or dating site.

If there were complaints, none were forwarded to me earlier.

Why Women Are Flocking to the Bumble Dating App: 7 Reasons

I did get a warning when I was critical about their app, but seriously, this app is BAD!!! Let me go over some of the details that are apparent. The only thing I can think of is what I did is directly message users outside of the app. Others were nice about it. So maybe this is why I was banned? Of course, no site wants it because they would lose money. After your swipes are depleted and no profiles are available to swipe, you can wait a few hours and a few more will show up.

This begs the question as to where these profiles came from all of a sudden. You may get the odd match here and there, but overall, you will run out of profiles. You want to try this app without giving a crap? Put in a cheesy movie, keep your eyes on the TV, and swipe right the entire time.

Just do it to see what happens. I used to do that a long time ago. And of course, none of them message me first anyway, so this confirms my statement here. I actually ran into a lot of friends who said they deleted their profile a long time ago and was upset to see it on there. This happened many times.

So this begs the question of Bumble keeping your profile, even if you deleted the profile from within, and the app on your phone. They deleted it but may have forgotten to delete their profile first. Then they can re-download the app and then delete the profile and then the app again. This is very annoying. So have a feature that allows you to see previously left-swiped people from, say, over a months ago.

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You could literally swipe for hours and get no matches after several days or weeks. You may get one and I guess some women will swipe right for you once your profile has time to get out there. Do they have the option to at least receive a text or an e-mail? Either way, not being able to say hi to someone is just bizarre, and the dumbest thing about this app.

Is it because women complain about weird messages? Well this is the only app where women go first. There are many instances where I saw a match I really wanted to pursue only to have it expire. Also, they could have swiped me a long time ago and no longer use the app.

Bumble has a clear partnership with Tinder, yet they deny this. Have you ever swiped for a while on one of the two apps, and then went on the other, only to see some of the same profiles on both during those times?

Bumble vs Tinder

I sure did, a million times! On many occasions after I see a profile on Bumble app or Tinder, I would switch to the other, only to see the same profile shortly thereafter.

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Something is very wrong here! Women say hello and talk for a bit and then disappear. On Tinder you can click on a photo and see the app, and chose to make contact on there if you want. Guess what though — most if not all of those photos are against Bumble's TOS on their regular photos. The 14 day boost trial is a very annoying pop-up to see. Have it on another section of the app and if people are interested, they can use the boosts. Speaking of which, the Bumble Boosts are useless.

All it does is allow you to extend matches longer. You might as well just keep the match in limbo until they see it. And if their profiles would get purged, that would be the end of it. Considering your app has mostly negative reviews, on Consumer Affairs and iTunes I can see why. Worst dating app ever — I was so dumb to have used it for as long as I did. I just signed up for a one week subscription to Bumble but instead they charged me for 6 months which I can't afford. I wrote them instantly but they refused to switch me to what I wanted!

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This company should be shut down!! So I usually do not put money into apps no matter what type only because I work in the industry and know better. Now I heard Bumble was getting people results in the dating app world so I decided to go against my own grain. I went ahead and purchased the "Boost" option to see what all the fuss was about. What do you know right after the transaction my matches disappeared and I have not seen any in a month.

Funny as there was always matches displayed before the purchase, hmmmm To top it all off this app is littered with fake profiles and bots to entice the user to be active in the app, especially on the "DM" side. This is basically a "game" in a better sense, if you're bored and want to swipe on profiles you hope to date in your wildest dreams. This app will be deleted once my subscription is up. How is this app even an affiliate sponsor to the Clippers anyways with all the bad rap? App promotes automated bots and fake interactions.

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Bumble App misleads users to believe they have genuine interaction so they can spend money on the App, only to realize it's a dud. Waste of Time, Energy and Money. I am not here to glorify or criticize about the dating sites. I will only share my experience and realization of the dating apps. About a week before when I was sitting drunk at a bar in Dallas, I felt lonely. I had no one to talk to next to me except the bartender who was more focused on counting her tips than anything!